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A few Novembers ago, I was fortunate enough to be asked to go on a whitetail deer hunt of a life time with the Whitetail Warrior Project in the State of Texas.  For those not familiar with the Whitetail Warrior Project, it is an organization committed to helping wounded and combat veterans enjoy the great outdoors with other military veterans.  Some might ask why such a project is so beneficial for our wounded combat vets?  Well let me explain.  I, Joel Schneller, am a purple heart recipient who served 6 years in the USMC Infantry. I conducted over 100 combat patrols in one of the most dangerous cities in the world, the City of Falluja, Iraq.  During these patrols the stresses, injuries and deaths I and my brothers in arms endured are hard for the average American citizen to understand.  So, when our great men and women return home from these experiences, some have a difficult time adjusting back into the everyday routine of life some of us take for granted. Recognizing this, the Whitetail Warrior Project provides an opportunity for these warriors to be in the great outdoors with other warriors in a relaxing, safe and enjoyable atmosphere to refresh and re- connect with their fellow patriotic service members.  I myself have met some amazing people who have made it their mission to show how much they appreciate the sacrifices the men and women in uniform have made and truly understand our freedom is not free.  This amazing and exciting experience not only provides an opportunity to relax and share stories, but this hunt found me on November 10th harvesting the biggest whitetail I have ever hunted. The reason I mention the specific date of November 10th is it is the Marine Corps Birthday!  One might say this is a coincidence, but for me I believe it was meant to be. In closing I want to thank those who make the Whitetail Warrior Project possible and to know what you do for the great men and women who serve this Country is greatly appreciated.